Caddie Program

The Locust Hill Youth Caddie Program was founded in 1999 by Brian Jacobs and Steve Barber. The program was founded for a variety of reasons, such as providing Locust Hill Country Club with service in the form of caddies to the members and guests, and to provide caddying opportunities to young people ages 14 to 18. However, the main purpose is to provide opportunities for young people of cultural, economic and social diversity to develop a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility and positive self-esteem so they may contribute to the Locust Hill Golf community, as well as their respective communities at school and at home.

Our Mission: The main objective of the Locust Hill Country Club Youth Caddie program is to positively influence young people's lives by teaching and reinforcing skills needed to be successful in life, while providing an opportunity to earn income. Another objective is to provide financial assistance to individuals who desire to achieve a higher education through the Locust Hill Youth Caddie Program Scholarship Fund. Over the past ten years, we have awarded over 30 scholarships ranging from $200 - $2000. In addition to these two objectives, there are five main elements that the Locust Hill Youth Caddie Program tries to implement in all activities.

These elements are:

  • Caddie Training and Employment
  • Golf Instruction
  • Scholarship Program
  • Life Skills Training
  • Parental Involvement

Caddie Training and Employment:

To train children between the ages of 14 and 18 as caddies at Locust Hill Country Club and to give them a job and the responsibilities that come with it.

Golf Instruction:

To provide the caddies of the Locust Hill Youth Caddie Program with professional golf instruction in order to promote the game of golf and to help them become better caddies.

Scholarship Program:

To assist financially qualifying caddies with higher education.

Life Skills Training:

To teach kids certain skills such as communication, teamwork and responsibility so that Locust Hill Youth caddies may be able to contribute positively to the rest of the community.

Parental Involvement / FAQs

What job does a caddie serve?

A caddie is very important to the game of golf. A caddie carries a player's bag for the duration of the round. Although it may seem easy, the art of caddying is very demanding. Over the course of an 18 hole round a caddie will walk between five and six miles.

Are you required to have certain abilities in order to become a caddie?

The answer to that question is no. However, it certainly helps if you are in good shape and you get plenty of rest because walking five to six miles with a golf bag on your back can be tiring. It also helps if you play golf or are familiar with the game so you have a better understanding of what is going on. All caddying techniques and procedures will be discussed at the training.

How safe is it to be a caddie?

While injuries are rare, they can and do happen from time to time. Caddies are responsible for their own safety while working. Locust Hill Country Club, its members and guests assume no responsibility for any injury that may occur. Throughout the training process, safety precautions and behavioral conduct (pertaining to situations from weather conditions to safely positioning oneself for an upcoming shot) will be examined and reviewed at length.

Why is there a training period?

There is a training period because we at the Locust Hill Youth Caddie Program want to have the best possible caddies as we can. In order to do that, we must train potential caddies to the level that we want. Training sessions we be held weekends in April at Mill Creek Golf Course in Chili.

As a caddie, am I an employee of Locust Hill Country Club?

The answer is simply, "no." Caddies are viewed as independent contractors and will be treated as such. Caddies have the right to set his or her own hours and rates for services, and an agreement to pay for services provided is between the caddie and the member or guest the services are provided for, not with Locust Hill. Caddies have the right to refuse to work for any member or guest requesting his or her services, and Locust Hill makes no promises that any member or guest will hire a caddie to perform services.

As an independent contractor, must I follow the rules established at Locust Hill?

The answer is, "yes." Caddies are expected to wear appropriate attire at all times at Locust Hill Country Club. The use of profanity, alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs while on the grounds at Locust Hill is strictly prohibited. "Caddies are permitted to be at Locust Hill for the express purpose of providing caddie services to members or guests who agree to hire them. Caddies must at all times adhere to the rules of Locust Hill Country Club governing attire, equipment and behavior." If a caddie is disruptive or engages in any other activity, (other than caddying), he or she will be asked to leave the grounds, not to return.

Do parents/legal guardians need to be involved in this program?

Yes! We encourage parents of our caddies to become involved in this program. Roles of the parents/guardians include transportation, encouragement for your child to keep coming and become a better caddie and just having a general sense of what your child is doing.