Course Tour

Course Tour

Course Tour

Hole 1

Par 4
Men's HDCP 5
Front HDCP 7

Tough Start

This long slight dogleg left is especially tough for short hitters. With sand on each side and water on the left, this small green is always a tough target. Keep the ball to the right side of the fairway for a good angle at the pin and as not to get blocked from the trees on the left.

Back 453
Middle 391
Ladies 391
Green 25 X 21

Hole 2

Par 4
Men's HDCP 9
Front HDCP 1

Hidden Pond

A tough tree-lined straightaway with a two-tiered green presents more of a test than the two ponds players need to negotiate. Flagstick positions on lower tier will give up some birdies. Aiming to the right-center of the fairway will leave you in the best position to approach the green.

Back 337
Middle 325
Ladies 249
Green 26 X 25

Hole 3

Par 4
Men's HDCP 13
Front HDCP 11

Fade Away

The drive is the key shot on this slightly dog-legged par 4. Pros will hit left-to-right sliders to avoid the large tree on the right side, while also avoiding the bunker on the left. Look for plenty of birdies. The best spot to be for approaching the green is the left side of the fairway.

Back 382
Middle 347
Ladies 293
Green 19 X 20

Hole 4

Par 5
Men's HDCP 1
Front HDCP 5


This straightaway par 5 has trees and out of bounds on the right. With a bunker and pond on the left, an errant drive will penalize. Unreachable in two shots, pros will lay up to the right side of the fairway. A fairly large, sloping green makes puts above the flagstick especially difficult.

Back 515
Middle 506
Ladies 428
Green 22 X 19

Hole 5

Par 3
Men's HDCP 17
Front HDCP 15


A 159 yard uphill par 3 which usually pits the golfer against the wind. Bunkers on the left and right, the green has subtle levels which make three putts an easy task. Best to be short and right on any position.

Back 163
Middle 155
Ladies 145
Green 23 X 22

Hole 6

Par 4
Men's HDCP 3
Front HDCP 9


This 447 yarder is unquestionably the prettiest at Locust Hill. The tee-shot is downhill and requires accuracy because of the trees lining the fairway.

Back 447
Middle 440
Ladies 413
Green 22 X 20

Hole 7

Par 3
Men's HDCP 11
Front HDCP 13


The longest of the Par 3's. This hole offers few problems for accurate hitters, until they reach the well-bunkered green. While not as slick as No. 5, it offers even fine putters a challenge. The hole will produce only a few birdies, but many pars. Try and stay below the pin.

Back 209
Middle 202
Ladies 166
Green 19 X 22

Hole 8

Par 5
Men's HDCP 7
Front HDCP 3


The shortest par 5 on the course, the challenge lies in the blind uphill second shot that golfers will face. Birdies and eagles are not out of the question, even on the well-bunkered green. On your second shot aim for the center Blue Spruce to hit the middle of the green.

Back 459
Middle 450
Ladies 394
Green 24 X 25

Hole 9

Par 3
Men's HDCP 15
Front HDCP 17


Birdies should be plentiful on this testy front nine finisher. The green is easy to read by the pros, but the uphill running grain should be respected. The out of bounds on the right side should not come into play with an accurate shot to the green.

Back 180
Middle 164
Ladies 146
Green 24 X 27

Hole 10

Par 4
Men's HDCP 10

Fresh Start

This par 4 is a tough start to the back nine. The tree-lined fairway is narrow, with out of bounds on the right and a bunker on the left. The two-tiered green offers many flag placements that put a premium on the second shot. It's best to approach the green from the left side of the fairway.

Back 424
Middle 414
Ladies 379
Green 23 X 23

Hole 11

Par 5
Men's HDCP 2
Front HDCP 2


Birdies should be plentiful for the long and accurate hitters. The creek that bisects the fairway should present no problems, but out of bounds on the right could mar some efforts. The well-bunkered green is shaped like an inverted saucer and presents some reading problems.

Back 527
Middle 495
Ladies 395
Green 22 X 22

Hole 12

Par 4
Men's HDCP 4
Front HDCP 10


A tricky little 411 yard par 4 with out of bounds on the right, minor tree problems on the left and right, and a well-bunkered green. Pars will be plentiful and birdies are a distinct possibility. While the green may look relatively flat, it is all down hill towards the Clubhouse.

Back 411
Middle 402
Ladies 371
Green 21 X 21

Hole 13

Par 4
Men's HDCP 8
Front HDCP 8

High Risk

One of the finest golf holes in the area, this is a real "killer". Big Hitters can easily carry the creek which crosses the fairway, but short hitters should be careful. The two-tiered green is well bunkered and presents severe putting problems if you end up on the wrong level.

Back 411
Middle 402
Ladies 371
Green 19 X 31

Hole 14

Par 4
Men's HDCP 14


Although relatively short, this 392 yard par 4 demands an accurate drive to the right side of the fairway and an equally accurate second shot through a tight opening guarded by trees to the saucer-shaped green. Approach shots too short might roll off the green to the left.

Back 392
Middle 381
Ladies 276
Green 22 X 26

Hole 15

Par 3
Men's HDCP 18
Front HDCP 18

Short Stop

Depending on what tier the flag is placed, this short par 3 can be a beauty or a beast. Nine irons and wedges are the club, but sprayers and strayers beware. A creek running along the right side of this hole will add a stroke or two if found.

Back 145
Middle 126
Ladies 122
Green 24 X 25

Hole 16

Par 4
Men's HDCP 16
Front HDCP 12


A good solid drive and an accurate second shot will pay off in birdies on this 333 yard par 4. The green is surrounded by bunkers, but easy to read. Too long of a drive may leave you with a difficult, short downhill lie, making for a tough short chip to the pin.

Back 333
Middle 330
Ladies 325
Green 22 X 21

Hole 17

Par 5
Men's HDCP 12
Front HDCP 6


A fun hole for the long and accurate, this 459 yard par 5 has a moderate dogleg contour offering birdie, eagle, and double-eagle opportunities. A large bunker on the right may catch some big drives and the green is guarded by sand and "chocolate drop" mounds.

Back 482
Middle 465
Ladies 443
Green 21 X 27

Hole 18

Par 4
Men's HDCP 6
Front HDCP 16

All Dunn

A great finisher, this challenging hole is trouble. Trees line the tight fairway and a two-tiered, well-bunkered green requires an accurate second shot. Keep your drive to the left side of the fairway as the slope will bring it back to the right side. This is the best angle to the green.

Back 397
Middle 377
Ladies 355
Green 21 X 22